Thanks to Street Art, a talented artist makes our world better, a positive video

Thanks to some artists and their creativity and skill, you can change the world for the better. If you do not believe, then look how the unremarkable industrial neighborhoods of the city are transformed after they were painted by a street artist. You will see many photos before and after. In general, we are for the street art, and you?
A fascinating view of this informative and very interesting video. This positive video not only lifts your mood, but also shows how using the talent for drawing the world can be made more beautiful and colorful. Enjoy the video. Leave your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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  1. If you have the desire and commitment, you can accomplish anything. Making street art is not a problem.

  2. You’d better explain how the pipe on the wall even painted?)

  3. Abandoned building, a faceless gray fences, destroyed buildings – suitable objects for paintings in the style of street art. Fancy colorful graffiti, bright colors, positive story to improve the mood of the thousands of spectators passing by

  4. Catherine, thank you, very interesting. I do not perceive graffiti and now began to pay attention to them. And really, come across real works of art. Or just there are wonderful drawings, from which the mood is improved, both from men and Stick.

  5. Started playing 5 years ago. Inspired by the usual boredom, but in the end I liked it, and now I can’t imagine myself without this art.

  6. Also, what you’ve got against young people today. It was worse than, say, the youth of the 90s?

  7. Recently in Rome, was in the top of Marana, the district with the official graffiti very much, I think they revived conventional residential neighborhoods. I regret that until the district of San Lorenzo did not get, judging by the photos on the Internet, there are many original and interesting drawings.

  8. Personally I liked the graffiti with the girl and three huskies followed by three monster… bull’s-eye! Bravo!

  9. Street art (from the English. Street art – street art) – urban trend in modern art, the distinguishing feature of which is street style.

  10. A lot of graffiti that really stay with you for a living. Talents and well done! Maybe even because you can reach people.

  11. Looks great, nostalgia) But at us in Belarus, and in Russia it would be regarded as disorderly conduct or damage to walls(I think). Do not appreciate simple and at the same time pleasant things

  12. I still believe that street art can hardly be life. For me it is rather an important stage in the formation of himself as an artist. But a hobby it never was. I have always drawn, because I just could not draw.

  13. Street art is a multi – genre fine art, it defines the design of modern life, which in most cases is made not by professionals, and the nameless self-taught.

  14. The artist of street art should feel the line between bullying and self-expression, vandalism and art, as well as to understand what can lead to the penetration of his works at the gallery exhibition or in a magazine, and that a monetary fine or a prison term. Street art often expresses disagreement with the way of life,class inequality, rising unemployment. Street art can carry a political message, instantly responding to the current events of the country and the world.

  15. Street art for a grey and monotonous city suburbs has become a real salvation.

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