Such photos do not need to be done at weddings under any circumstances, video

The wedding is an amazing and long-awaited holiday. The photos that are made on this amazing day will delight you all your life. However, what disappointment can there be when an inept photographer or an incorrect camera angle was chosen. We suggest you to look at a series of photographs, the similarity of which certainly is not worth doing at weddings.
Pleasant viewing of this fascinating video. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. Thank you very much for such a brilliant evening! Everything was just super! Your debut was a great success! All the guests loved it, didn’t have time to miss all the fun!Good for you, we wish you continued success in this business!:)

  2. secondly, Toastmasters simply amazing – didn’t bother with contests, did not stop to dance(heard about such cases when the host turned off the music in order to have time to spend the rest of your program). Just in moderation, gave wishing to speak and no one was forced to orate and not forcibly pulled.

  3. Just no words, I liked everything thanks again great.

  4. Olya and Kostya! I’m glad we did it. Thank you for your good company. Special thanks to your boys who supported all endeavours. You are SUPER!!!! Keep it up.

  5. Hope!!! thank you so much!!!! we just love it!!!! You are very cheerful, friendly, and respectful related to ALL of the guests!!! Everyone was very pleased with not only the younger generation, but also moms, dads, uncles, aunts. When reviews about our wedding all the guests as a separate item mentioned You because really you are just a professional. Many of the guests had been at a wedding, but the best host ever saw. And from us – THANK you! You are very sweet!

  6. Wait, you prepare for experience…. and then came the day X – the day of the WEDDING…..:) I still can’t get over and I can’t believe the holiday has passed….. I would like to see the wedding, the people celebrated every year as the first time. I am grateful to You, Hope, for what You gave us this holiday. My head is under the end of the night, ached from the fact that I smiled all the time. You’re doing YOUR job!!! You’re good at it… Rarely, people manage to do the holiday people…with kindness and from the heart… once again THANK YOU very much! 🙂

  7. I would like to sincerely thank Hope to Lutovo!!!!!!!!!Our wedding took place on 19 June 2010.Our wedding was ALL excited!!!

  8. In preparation for the wedding there was not even the question of who will hold our long-awaited event. Without options it was Hope. The first time I met her and her great work 10 years ago, walking on my sister’s wedding.Since then, managed to meet Nadia is still not at a wedding of our friends, and always the occasion was a great success. So OUR day turned into something unforgettable, it was more than a fairy tale. All the guests and we loved it. Have fun all from the heart. Thank You, Nadia, for giving fun, lots of smiles and laughter. You are a master of your craft!! You any holiday turns into magic! )))

  9. According to our friends and family the wedding turned out memorable, unusual and very funny.Nadia advised unusual decision to conduct repurchase and celebration no one was bored. Thank you for providing us a story!!!!

  10. Natasha! Thank you very much. Yes, with your guests, you can do anything!!!!! Your friends just SUPER, I found this out last year at the wedding of Dima and Yulia Babarykina, and then Dima and Ira Kanev. And at your wedding they as always did not disappoint and was on top!!!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday which did for us Hope!!!!!! Created a great mood for all guests!!!Thanks a million sincerely. Thank you))))

  12. Well, I’ll leave a review! The wedding was in July, in the heat,but that didn’t stop everyone who worked with us to do a good job! The toastmaster have chosen . .looked at many options. Chose Nadia and very happy! We had guests from different cities,even different countries – and everyone was very happy! no platitudes! fun and defiantly great!

  13. Guys! All of you love, happiness, health and family well-being!!!!!

  14. My wedding was almost 3 years ago, but still remember this wonderful day. THANKS to our host, Hoping Litovoi for a wonderful holiday! Guests were in awe of the presenter and competitions.

  15. I was as a guest at two weddings held Hope, and a celebration was like no other, new contests, new scenarios.

  16. Special thanks to videographer Eugene – captured our wedding so that we are reviewing video and just re-back in the day! nice!

  17. Hope our family is very grateful to you for the great wedding! My husband was bassavcisi… and not just us! The guests still mouths hurt from laughing! You are super ! And fellow DJ! Take into account any wishes !

  18. Yulia Sizova from Glazeva (Kirishi district) wrote 06.08.2013 tolerate….

  19. Hope! I would like to Express gratitude to You for unreal positifff and elegant celebration that you have organized and our long-awaited day )) YOU are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. and our wedding was in the summer (in August),in the heat! Hope just done!!!!!!!!!!! it was just super!!!!!!!! thank you so much,are still under the impression))))))))))))

  21. Our wedding was October 23, 2009. Nadya turned it into a tale! Fun contests, a very well-rounded program in cstorage, the bride. All were delighted! We sometimes iterate wedding cards, remember our wedding, laughing to tears! Thanks for the tale in our life!!!

  22. Then I watched the video of the wedding obosralis with laughter, thank you very much for our holiday and patience, everything was great, even if the café is not lost…….

  23. Hope just done ,as she spends the wedding, I have never seen though have been to many weddings . I have conducted the wedding ,my two sisters and my all friends and all were delighted as Nadia makes the program all the different .And all the guests are usually impressed because she’s a special of the business . Hope is a great host because it was a hobby,not work ……….

  24. And the words to choose to Express the admiration that we received from our wedding!!! Everything was so gorgeous and so much fun, remember that and we laugh all my life. Hope and Alexander simply masters of their craft!!!!!!!! All the guests were laughing to tears. Thank you very much!

  25. Hope thank You so much for our wedding. The wedding was a great success!!! all the guests were in raptures. this delight I can’t even tell. all I still remember all the smiling faces and laughter. and You really liked them, we got almost all of it was from Peter. they even did not want to leave)))))))

  26. Dear Hope, thank You so much for the celebration of our wedding!!! Songs, games, dances, competitions-everything was cool))) special thanks to Hope for helping in the preparation of the bride (as well as a Declaration of love from the groom))) =) All the guests were delighted! Young people and the older generation… I hope that this is not our last meeting)))) thanks again))))

  27. The world!!!!!! everything was just great!!!!! We have no words to describe everything!!!! We are very happy that you helped us make this event unforgettable!!!! Thank you so much!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!

  28. Once again, many THANKS)))) everything was just SUPER))) You are so good))) the Family of Belyaeva)))))))))

  29. There are no words to Express our admiration from the wonderful event that gives us Hope!!!!!!!We all have experience and at the same time regret that so quickly ended the wedding. Very cool that there are people like HOPE! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. UNFORGETTABLE holiday 09.08.2013 G. gave us a great lead Hope. The wedding was filled with warm words, funny jokes and touching moments. Good mood did not leave us for a minute and was a little sad when it was over…((( This night we will never forget!!! Most importantly – You can create a holiday atmosphere: interesting contests, delicate toast, and attention to ALL guests and a unique sense of occasion. Hope itself is a decoration of any festive evening. I would like to mention that Hope knows how to win, and in dealing with it arises any feelings of unease or embarrassment, and that in itself is a great talent. Special thanks I want to say the DJ for the excellent selection of music. All guests of different age groups, was ecstatic:)))))))))))) We appreciate it, no words! Thank you for a wonderful wedding. All our wishes and hopes came true and even more.

  31. Firstly a very very very helpful with purchase, everything is just easy without these verses, and any difficulties, and various pretty bored basins, beads, keys, etc

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