All designers work tirelessly so that the most ordinary and familiar things to us become more visible and attractive. But it happens that they try very hard, or very little. Be that as it may, the result is sometimes amusing.

Horrible design projects, 20 photos

1. More like a horror movie poster than a children’s cartoon.

2. It seems they have mixed up the shapes of the cartoon characters.

3. Probably, the creators of this garbage tank believe that people themselves will figure it out at the dump.

4. Not the most successful design for a calculator.

5. This is the door to the women’s shower, and it shows the logo of the gym. The logo is just at chest level.

6. Terrible ice cream, also cannibal.

7. I, of course, do not really understand dinosaurs, but this is clearly something wrong.

8. It seems to be an ordinary skirt, but how does it change the shape.

9. A chair that loves jazz.

10. This is not a picnic blanket, but a carpet-plane of some kind.

11. I did not know that the dogs’ ears have bones.

12. This mug has a terribly uncomfortable pen.

13. It is difficult to even say what is worse – the font, the brush or the fact that this T-shirt costs $ 50.

14. It is very likely that these columns were simply forgotten at the top.

15. A bit creepy shops for children.

16. God forbid that such a dinosaur came to me as a child. Phobia for life.

17. Well, yes, a little bit did not guess with the size.

18. People just stand and look at that part of the wall, which is empty.

19. Could not choose the design of windows and decided to just put different and more.

20. Yellow lid for toilet bowl. Are you kidding me?

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