Amazing video, liquid bra

The original way of visual breast augmentation for brave ladies, adoring a non-standard solution, was suggested by the developers of one British company. They released a bra with a built-in hollow inside, filled with juice, water or other liquid. The drink, of course, is fully accessible for wearing this delicate part of the dress. This sports thing made of elastic materials has this maximum of 750 milliliters of liquid and is available in two universal sizes, a small and medium. The manufacturer promises convenience and comfort when wearing a drink’s beverage and cleaning with its residue. Access to the drink provides a special valve on the side with a built-in tube. It would seem useful, but about the leakage of liquid from under the shirt the creator for some reason is silent. And we are not, so the girls, think carefully, before putting on such a dubious thing. Enjoy and enjoy this cognitive and interesting video. Write all comments, comments after watching this video.

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