A unique video, the invention of cybernetic ears.

Today, technologies that a few years ago could not be imagined in everyday life are used not to advance progress. Here, as for example, these ears. They respond to the state and mood of users. Ears drop when you are in a calm state and rise when you are interested in something. The built-in sensor is very sensitive and not only reacts to temperature, but also catches any electromagnetic changes in the brain. Of course, such an invention could appear only in Japan, a country fanatical from various funny and sometimes silly gadgets. In fact, we still do not understand what exactly this strange toy is for, but it can be used. If you, for example, do not understand the parents, this accessory, being put on your head will help your parents determine what you really like and what does not. Pleasant viewing and wonderful mood when watching this unique video. Write your feedback and comments.

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