50 or more operations to become like his idol, shocking video

To strive for one’s own ideal is a laudable thing, but if it’s about appearance, then this infatuation can sometimes turn into an endless series of plastic operations. Especially when your ideal is a starry face and world celebrity. Such fanaticism often leads to rather painful consequences, which is proved by people who subjected themselves to heavy plastic to become like two drops of water similar to their idols. 19-year-old girl from Iran Sahar Tabar chose herself as an idol Angelina Jolie and wanted to become the same as she. For this purpose the girl was ready for anything, and even lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon for as many as 50 times. It’s hard to believe, but all her operations are officially confirmed, and now she looks like this. And for a greater similarity with his idol Sahar had not only to lie under the surgeon’s knife, but also to sit on a tough diet. Now she constantly supports her weight in 40 kilograms, despite the fact that her growth is 1 meter 46 centimeters. The girl has a page in the instagram, where she is followed by 75 thousand subscribers. Most often, users leave very unpleasant comments, calling it a zombie or a walking eight-month corpse. What made the girl close access to her publications, although there were quite normal reviews, for example, where the girl is compared to the main character of Tim Burton’s cartoon “The Corpse of the Bride.” Whatever it was, but still the resemblance to Adzhelina Jolie certainly is, probably it’s all because the actress herself recently looked unhealthy and heavily skinny
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