18 incredible tricks and unique tricks to surprise, video moods

Do not faint if you see a finger-skeleton, or a vanishing finger, or a neck pierced with a huge pin? No, this is not the premiere of a horror film, but a couple of new tricks and tricks from our experts of magic and authors of spectacular illusions! Materials and tools: • paper bills • dollar bill • cardboard • double-sided scotch • big pin • glitter-tattoo glue • candles • pump-sprayer • starch • black foirame • black T-shirt • pen • coins • magnet • needles • acrylic paints • brush • cards • scarf • coffee stick • golden sticker • paper • soap • paper cups • tea • sponge • awl • egg • plate • cardboard sleeve
A wonderful mood when watching videos of incredible tricks and tricks, with which you can cheer your friends and a little lead them into a shocking state. Watch this video with pleasure. After watching the video, write your feedback and comments.

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