16 incredible tricks and interesting tricks to surprise and entertain friends, video moods

Do you like to learn the secrets of tricks and tricks to surprise and entertain your friends? Then our new collection of tricks and illusions is just for you! Look, remember, train and surprise everyone with your sleight of hand! Materials: • paper • decorative adhesive tape • match • black marker • balloons • double-sided scotch • tennis balls • plastic card • satin ribbon • bottle • foil • matches • paper cups • sleeve • pencils • cards • coins • water • food colors • sugar • syringe • rope • ring
A fun, entertaining video where incredible tricks and amazing tricks are shown to always surprise your friends and acquaintances. If you liked the video, then write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. I think that tricks like it! They give joy to adults and children. Many believes that this is just a miracle:) but this is just sleight of hand. I love to watch magic tricks performed by the masters, constantly surprised. Remember that the TV was a program about magic tricks and I constantly watched.

  2. Overall, I love magic. Myself, but a little. I want to say that in some cases they are very very difficult to learn to do. And they are not always in the subject. One time I played a magician in the school my son’s best friend. It turned out very fun and good. But it is better not to get involved, and then told me about the Scam that fleeced people as 2 fingers about asphalt.

  3. Magic has always been used, to surprise the audience, the girl, or just show that you have something special when the focus is really good and performed highly professionally, he’s admirable, he admired and people start to think like that, and do moments believe in the magic abilities of a mage.

  4. I love magic, therefore, often interested in new tricks and watching performances of illusionists. You know some not very complex tricks. The tricks as well help to bring people together in some way and just for relaxation and entertainment in the company.

  5. Magic tricks are always interesting. Saw a lot of people who know how to make a lot of interesting, and most importantly not visible maneuvers. Always wanted to learn, but alas not. They say that to be able to juggle, you need many years of training, and then it will work.

  6. A trick, an illusion, a great hobby and pastime to delight, amaze and otherwise bring different emotions as friends and not familiar to people. If you know at least a few protinica tricks you can become a star at any party.

  7. You can surprise a lot of people. First it is very difficult, but experience comes with age. You can earn on this hobby. A very positive hobby. There are many advantages, depending on you).

  8. You need to learn Sleight of hand is Needed suitable material for magic tricks to distract the Ability to Know the psychology of people.

  9. Tricks one of the oldest Hobbies. I tried to do, seemed it was very easy, and then I realized the hands do not grow out. Or little practiced. But I recommend someone like I do you support.

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