14 ingenious tricks and amazing tricks to surprise friends, video

Do you like to surprise your friends with different tricks, tricks and illusions? Then our new video compilation is just for you! Sit back and enjoy the new tricks from Trumm Trom. Materials and tools: • paper clips • rubber bands • marker pin • cover • cover from the box • beads • beads • cup • jeans • sneakers • knife • cardboard • hot gun • scissors • box • cotton • double-sided scotch • scotch • white wallpaper • cards • fishing line • paper • compasses • colored pencils • file • acrylic paints • plastic bottles • soldering iron • food coloring
Pleasant viewing of the cognitive video, where you can see 14 incredible at first glance tricks and tricks. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. In General incomparable. Class, thank you that you are. Cool tricks are seen. Brilliant,no logical)).

  2. Cool tricks,go show your friends. Ah,Yes, I have not(Well, okay,I’m going to show relatives..

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  4. Murtaev cool Russian magician. Let’s see who cares

  5. Cool,learned a lot thanks to the authors for this video.

  6. On the tube there are channels magicians, including revelatory. Very informative. And even more interesting is that one exposed the focus of talented people come up with a dozen new.

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