The owner of the most beautiful priests of Brazil, Susie Cortes, a video of a smile

Miss Bumbum winner Susie Cortez – one of the hottest girls on the planet Every year, Brazil closely follows the national beauty contest Miss Bumbum – the whole country watches how to choose the owner of the most beautiful buttocks. This year, the title of the most chic priests of Brazil went to the charming Susie Cortez. It’s doubly pleasant that it was Susie who became the muse of the Russian football team last year during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Then the most beautiful girls of Brazil acted in the form of national teams and became the muse of all countries participating in mundialya. Suzi does not forget about his mission as a great inspirer of Russian football players and dreams of coming to Russia during the next championship – as is known, he will be held in 2018 in Moscow. In the meantime, Suzie Cortes congratulated the Russians on the New Year, having appeared in a beautiful photo shoot in the form of the Russian national team.
A fascinating and enjoyable video viewing for the wonderful mood of a charming girl from Brazil. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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