Positive video for raising the mood. Very funny moments in sports

Jokes about sport

Mmm, look, what a queen! “I’m not a queen, I’m a fifa!” – Oh, are you still fond of football? ..

No, well, you just think: 22 players, 2 coaches, 10 reserve players, 1 referee, 2 side judges, 6 operators, 3 television workers, 50 sports journalists and about 80,000 spectators, and this pigeon fucked me!

Football match commentator: – Strong teams like the Nigerian eagles, Cameroonian lions and our goats could not get into one eighth finals

Football. In the stands two blue. One asks the other: – What would you like now? – I would go to that defender … that’s so powerful. A real man. – And I would go on the field, take the ball, everyone would have rounded and scored the ball into our goal! – ??? – You just imagine – the whole stadium jumps up and yells: Pidaras! And I would bow, bow ..

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