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Young girls in bikini – lovely photos.
There are women, similar to the Sun –
Their presence becomes warmer.
When the smile of their faces touched,
The world seems beautiful and kind.
There are women like Wind –
They are volatile, easy and fun,
They, like butterflies, we need in the world,
To admire them all they could.
There are women, similar to the sea –
You can not measure the depth of their eyes,
And in their mysteriously alluring gaze
Hiding secret signs for us.
You all at the same time: The sea, the wind, the sun.
Where are you, where the stars close to the Earth.
Let everything else fails you,
I wish that you always lucky!
Let the happiness in you is infinite,
Let love lives in you always.
Try to be as before, flawless,
Let your heart is ruled by kindness!

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  1. My God Zea0lf&#823m;. When I see you with your cavalry army, I just can’t imagine being some poor raider about to be trounced by you. If I saw that in real life, you would probably cause me to crap my pants.

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