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World beautiful women.
In life of each woman beauty always played a special role. It is worth remembering creations of the painters which imprinted female images in centuries. However, the modern person, looking at this or that photo, or a portrait of the beauty of a former era, will not always call her really very beautiful girl. So in what a secret of the real beauty and whether there are criteria according to which the woman would be considered as a beauty at all times? Probably, there is no definite answer to this question, in real life not only external data, but internal state of the person are considered.

For example, having for the first time dressed a new thing which is pleasant to you and, undoubtedly, to you goes, you feel high spirits at once and begin to try to catch the interested eyes of counter people. And they do not know that this thing is put on for the first time and, most likely, in life you, not a recognizable Hollywood star or model from a cover of the popular magazine. Just your sublime state is shown in a joyful look, a smile and the shining brightly eyes.

The best minds of mankind argued on the nature of the most beautiful girls and its immemorial riddle. Many of them came to a conclusion that true beauty depends, first of all, on existence of harmony of soul and a body. This factor is fundamental most of people in understanding of beauty. Certainly, there are also other elements of definition of beauty which in many respects depend on features and preferences of this or that era. At the time of Rubens a standard of beauty were women with curvy shapes. In the sixties the last century the image Merelin Monro was popular, and thin, gentle girls with fragile figures were fashionable until recently.

Thank God, today tastes are rather democratic also rather beautiful quite versatile images of women are. Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Nichole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez – all of them are not similar at each other, but at the same time, they certainly should be carried to the most beautiful girls of the World, by the way you will be able to meet their photos also in our collection. Formation of modern views on beauty is in many respects dictated by fashion and the film industry. The fashion persistently imposes us views practically of everything, including also beauty, however even it is not capable to force to belong unambiguously to beauty of modern women.

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