women in their underwear - beautiful pics 1

women in their underwear - beautiful pics 2

women in their underwear - beautiful pics 3

Women in their underwear – beautiful pics.
Darling, you are my flower,
Sweet love and joy sprout.
How I miss you,
Before heartache my body suffers.
Not a second of rest, not a step back,
I see that without you my life a trifle.
The beauty of your honey, as an elixir,
Who will heal the wounds and fill the world. ©


My beloved, you are my ray
For you to hold on, I see the sky without clouds.
Blood from the love for you is boiling,
Love to you constantly inconvenienced.
To blossom like a flower every day,
Tender, delicate petal orgasm.
Will I bee with you to collect the nectar,
Create the most love fire

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