Video aerography of cars, trucks, trucks. Creative, original, beautiful.

For lovers of AEROGRAPHY cars, trucks, trucks (photos) Beautifully, originally, creatively “Airbrush Art” fantasy, cinema, reptiles. In modern life there are sometimes very talented drivers, they create real art masterpieces on their machines. Drivers truckers like to decorate their “iron horses” no less than their counterparts on passenger cars. For tuning a truck (truck) or a car, an amount exceeding its cost can be spent, but the result is worth it. I bring to your attention exciting 3D drawings on freight waggons and equally impressive 3D images in the series | Fentezi, Cinematography, Animals reptiles on other vehicles | Flew, friends, it’s interesting and unusual!
Interesting and interesting video viewing. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video of the mood.

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