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Ukrainian women photos.
Beauty is divine at women:
It is available to true men.
There is beauty – as nakedness:
She explodes adrenaline.

Happens silent as morning dawn …
As the made happy wife breath …
It stores a special twilight …
And bodies sweet fragrance …

Women have unearthly beauty,
When they say recognition …
When her dream comes true …
It is juicy as an apple-tree when carries the child …

The woman when on shoulders to her is beautiful
Throw a mink coat …
And speak to it about the love
Words similar to a rahat lakoum …

The woman when she sings is beautiful …
When bathes playfully …
When with a stuffing bakes pies …
Also bends forward as a willow …

At female beauty pleasant color:
It – pink, lilac and yellow …
Yes woman, as amulet,
When man nearby noble.

Beauty is found at women:
When combs hair gracefully …
Takes raspberry language from a bush …
The necklace will put on with diamond real …

More perfectly Earth has no picture,
When tries on a wedding dress …
Puts to a trembling breast
The newborn, flaring grace …

When leaves water …
Also appears in Eve’s suit …
When it takes flowers
Movement of the hereditary queen …

There is no end to my admiring!
There is in this world nothing more beautiful
Bewitching woman’s face …
More mysteriously and more bashfully …

Always. Everywhere. In any times.
There is that which is loved
Mother, the daughter, the sister or the wife, –
Any woman is unique.

I, however, so, for effect!
Has no basic value,
Jun she, is slender or a set,
That at it in ears or on a neck.

It is dressed in laces, brocade and silk
Or is more habitual – a print dress,
Her soul is fragile as a moth.
Is more expensive than bellows to it – embrace!

There is a husband or she is divorced.
Gave birth or did not happen.
Whether to the husband it was faithful
Or unexpectedly fell in love.

Was an official wife
Or was never married,
Whether it went on foot
Or went in magnificent Cadillac.

On heels, in a kerchief, in boots.
She creates in art or in kitchen,
Laughter or tears at it in eyes,
Where it, always more cozy!

It always was and is – in the Spring!
And – the Woman, found Tvorenyem!
God allocated it with supernal loveliness,
And desired inspiration!

Centuries and change years,
But invariable is conclusion:
The woman then is beautiful,
When the only man admires

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