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Ukrainian models.

But nevertheless the main problem of our compatriots is that they just are not able or do not want to make the first impression on the guy. And the belief in love at first sight in practice does not help nine of ten respondents – most of girls do not use the due efforts, believing that it is enough to remain of itself, it is natural to behave and to smile. Is such who tries to intrigue the stranger in the special way – ignoring its signs of attention. Fortunately, it is a little such girls – about 1%.

Only every tenth Ukrainian at acquaintance to the guy uses the unique female weapon – a coquetry; as much again try to draw attention of the young man, telling about themselves interesting stories. Every 100-th remembers an easy way to gain the interlocutor – to pay a compliment.

And only 2% of girls use the sexuality already at acquaintance to subdue the interlocutor. Most likely, the inability to draw to itself attention of guys with a coquetry forces girls to look for other ways for a gain of hearts of the young people who were pleasant to them. For example, to agree to sex in public places. By the way, about existence of similar experience 43% of the girls who took part in poll admitted. Funny, but the matter was positively answered by 75% of the interrogated participating guys of show. But, perhaps, some girls just were ashamed to admit this question, and some guys – played a cunning trick.

Let’s remind, Give, to pobachennya;) – this show of acquaintances in which only the first impression of participants about each other matters. 30 unmarried girls and 1 guy participate in game. The first word for ladies. Each of them estimates that she sees and hears about the guy and votes “yes” or “no”, showing thus the desire to continue acquaintance. The final choice – for the man. In the following game the audience will be able to learn how there took place appointment of newly made couple and whether deceived young people the first impression about each other.

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