The Ebru technique. Art of drawing on water, video

Before starting work, the tray is filled with a mixture of water and a thickener. Traditionally, for a long time, as a thickener, a resin prepared from the juice of the Astragal plant, which has a low degree of tackiness, was used. It takes 3-4 days to prepare such a solution: first the resin is placed in swelling water, then it is mixed several times with the gradual addition of water, filtered through the tissue, and only then mixed with pure drinking water to thicken it.

At present, instead of kitre, the powdered substance Carrageenan, a natural gelling agent, is more often used. The process of obtaining garraginan takes less time than the Astragalus resin, this substance is stored longer, and the preparation of a water mixture for the ebro is much easier and faster. Approximately 10 liters of water is mixed with 60-70 grams of powder and aged overnight (until the white foam disappears) to obtain the desired consistency. In this case, there is already no need for filtering.
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