The art of drawing on water, video of a smile

What is the history of drawing on water?

How and where this kind of paper decoration was born is unknown. Studies of this issue are still ongoing. But in light of the currently known facts, it is assumed that the ebro was invented by the Turks living in the city of Bukhara in the 14th century. Even earlier appeared in the countries of the Far East works like ebru, but do not carry its main features. The most ancient book about the ebru with illustrations is the work “Tertib-i Risâle-i Ebrî”, dating back to the 17th century.

The most famous masters of water drawing, which played the main role in the development of the ebro in Turkey, are Khapip Mehmet Efendi (died in 1773), Hezarfen Edhem Efendi (1829-1904), Necmettin Okgyi (1883-1976), Mustafa Duzgunman ( 1920-1990).

Recently, most ebru artists are followers of Mustafa Duzgyunman.
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