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Thai women.
About the Thai women

The main sight of Thailand are women. Hundreds of tourists want to tell houses to beloved wives about royal palaces, Buddhist temples and sculptures, and it is necessary to tell about a lipstick print on pants. After all wives and cultural values are incompatible. Therefore tourists leave wives at home and again go to the country of smiles in pure pants to reap a crop of local cosmetics.

The Thai women surprisingly well are able to manage with the men. They do not force it to take out garbage, do not coo three hours that Lenka bought the same dress, as Svetka and diligently do not notice lovingly the socks hidden under a bed. Dream, but not women. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures are surprisingly forgetful. If you retire to number with the Thai woman to read her Yesenin, then even at the time of lingering groans from strange poetry, your passion can see the money left unguarded, take them that were not lost and to forget to return. Probably, in their organism there is not enough money. In spite of the fact that Thailand the country of flowers, the Thai woman can present you absolutely other bouquet therefore invest your love and tenderness to local population with rubber products, it is desirable brought from the homeland.

The Thai women are women of tragic destinies. Each of them dreams to go with the temporary beloved to the country where there are no other Thai women, and as a result goes by the moped on searches of the following beloved. Therefore the love and mopeds in Thailand never come to an end.

To have the constant Thai woman during rest extremely and economically. It will show you all beautiful places not only on itself, but also in vicinities, will check the check from restaurant, will find excursion at a discount. At the same time everything that it you need – to be paid it a symbolical payment and to wash pants before departure home, having learned on the plane of the name of local sights. In comparison with domestic priestesses of street passion and clonidine, the Thai woman takes so cheap that having come into shop behind pineapple it is possible to receive two shop assistants in addition and night of passion. Of course, at first it is necessary to eat with them pineapple. Even the non Thai women, coming to Thailand, sometimes remove to themselves a tayka as the guide and the expert on places for shopping. About shopping I by all means will tell another time.

The Thai women wholesale and retail live in bars and on brisk streets therefore they in the tourist cities build many bars and recover many streets. Almost all tayka tiny, harmonous, with long black hair and an ideal figure, places of the clothes of erotic property covered with pieces. To pass by such woman without rush of blood to a brain and bodies, farther from a brain, only other Thai woman therefore if you saw in Thailand the lonely white man without tayka, it means for a while can departed – if to depart for a long time, then the man will continue walk with other Thai woman. After all they are surprisingly attached to white people. Even walking across Thailand with own wife, I was constantly pinched for a bottom by counter tayka. This local greeting is possible. Now it is heavy to bottom to wean from pinches and periodically the wife that I felt in Thailand again should pinch it. Such here heavy return acclimatization.

The Thai women are able to render a pleasant sort the massage services other than classical Thai massage. Such gratefulness is called bodi-massage and in decent places of a congestion of indecent women passes as follows. Sitting at a little table before a huge show-window where all possible models of dresses, legs and busts are presented, the tourist chooses the most attracted bust on means and forces to carry out in its society an hour and a half in a room by the floor above. The girl is invited for a little table where she smiles, gestures and tender contacts lets know that the linguistic barrier a problem will not be. If the girl after all is pleasant, then she forwards you to the room for massage. Thais very clean nation therefore the girl undresses, undresses you, seats in a bathroom and carefully washes as if you her only child, and hot water was just given after three-months shutdown. After water procedures you are stacked on a mattress, cover from legs to the head with foam and begin to crawl a nude female body, letting know, Aphrodite not just like that from foam appeared. When instead of Aphrodite from foam there are you (what disappointment), means of elimination of friction is washed away, and the girl unambiguously lets know that now it is possible to chat for life behind a glass of alcohol, and it is possible to continue this animation on a big bed nearby. Alas, English of the girl is known badly …

Some Thai men very much want to be the Thai women. Probably, in their organism there is not enough money too. Tourists are afraid of them because man pants are intended only for female cosmetics. And boys on the area will not understand. We were at first sure that it is simple to distinguish the made-up boys from girls and laughed at silly tourists. But one of sex show convinced us that Thailand the country artful. It is better to be on the alert.

The Thai women make of life very light. They are easy, friendly and always smile – sometimes this only thing that sometimes is not enough for me in women non Thai

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