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Sweet little girls.
Being a woman – what does it mean?
By what mystery own?
Here is a woman. But you’re blind.
You do not see it.
Here is a woman. But you’re blind.
No not at fault, the blind!
And the woman herself will appoint,
as the ailing medicine – doctor.
And if a woman comes
currently the only true,
she comes – how the
the plague, the blockade and the war.
And if a woman comes
and currently it gets,
she as wire conducts current,
to kindle upon thee light.
And if a woman comes
to tear you away from affairs,
it leads you to you.
Oh, how you want it to!
But if a woman leaves,
beaten by a head bearing,
it still leads to a
irrevocably everything.
And you, the one true, one, best,
you too – there is far
sandwiched as useless key,
its sad cam.
She smile hides the tears,
pereinachit truth into a lie …
How happy are you, what are you blind
and that the losses do not understand

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