sweet baby girls 1

sweet baby girls 2

sweet baby girls 3

Sweet baby girls.
My boy, you know you’re talking about WOMEN ???
About women, whose teeth – pearls!
About women who lip – cherry!
The beauty of which gave the Almighty!

Women “LOVE” nights whisper,
Very often cry about the past,
And at times laugh without reason
And steal the heart of a man …

As in the sea tides,
Women and mstivy and truthful,
The good-natured and unbearable!
It all depends on who is with them.

Don Juan – women are jealous,
Sages – Crown Crown,
And men slyvuschego fools
Is awarded women … horns!

My boy, all women are witches,
From that and like a full moon,
And so on … they do at night,
What ever deprive you of rest!

Giving all the relatives and dear,
Women, boy, rule the world!
And not for nothing Typhoon mad
Names give the favorite women …!

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