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Beauty and violent temperament of the Spanish women always occupied minds .And it is valid, special identity and incomparable surprising charm is inherent in Spaniards. In what a secret of the Spanish women and what it is busy from life with, we will tell in this article.
Spanish women: passionate and rough temperament
About beauty and passion of the Spanish women compose legends. How many fine pictures how many musical and literary works are devoted to beautiful Spaniards.
At all times they were able to inspireWhat such special and attractive in these southern women, we will tell in this article.

What distinguishes Spaniards from residents of other states. First of all, it is their The stereotype about hot and ardent temperament and Spaniards has under itself quite strong reasons.
Inhabitants of this warm and solar country and the truth differ in special emotionality. It fully concerns also to women.
For them all actions and acts are based on rough manifestation of emotions.
And to do nothing with it, Spaniards have this passionate temperament in blood, it is put in genes therefore for them heated arguments, juicy scandals and showdowns, and then the same emotional and ardent reconciliations which are followed by hot embraces and kisses are not alien.
Such characteristic quite often attracts for example, Nordic type, quiet and even cold for which such rough manifestation of emotions in combination with bright southern appearance is perceived as exotic, and at the same time, very attractive.
By the way, appearance of the Spanish women really deserves admiration. Of course, not all Spaniards remind the burning black-eyed and dark-haired beauty Carmen.
It is after all a certain stereotype. Among Spaniards there is a mass of women of absolutely other types.
However it should be noted that practically all residents of this country differ in well-groomed appearance. They like to watch themselves and do it very skillfully.
Elegant clothes, stylish jewelry, effective make-up, frequent shopping and visits of beauty shops – Spaniards really apply many forces to care for the beauty, and, do it with great success.
The place of the woman in the Spanish society
Fortunately or, unfortunately, in recent years the wave of universal distribution of feminism concerned the Spanish society.
It is connected, first of all, with active influence of the USA and other European states. Many Spanish women do not want to stay at home and be a hostess in a big family any more.
They want to work hard and reach heights in career along with
In combination with natural willfulness and strong such aspiration to independence helps many women to try to obtain really high achievements in the professional sphere.
It is necessary to pay tribute to the state which not only does not interfere with such female aspirations, but also in every possible way supports them.
In Spain there is even a special Ministry of Equality which watches that the rights of women were carried out as well as the man’s rights.
Such tendency in modern Spanish of society generated an array of problems and complicated a demographic situation. Trying to achieve notable heights in career and to realize the personality, many Spaniards are not eager to get at all and to give birth to the child.
While average life expectancy in Spain is quite high (eighty-eighty five years), Spaniards consider absolutely normal to give birth to the firstborn only after forty years.
Unfortunately, in recent years this trend widely extended that already brought the adverse results.
Population in Spain is promptly reduced, old men die, and children are born very little. Therefore this situation causes huge concern already at the level of the state.
Family duties of the Spanish women
And nevertheless, despite the high level of feminization in society, many women in Spain kept habitual ideas of a family and marriage.
They by the nature are the real keepers of a home, good wives and careful mothers. In general the cult is quite widespread in Spain.
The Spanish usually big, with a huge number of the grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, children and other relatives living under the same roof.
And, they not only live together, but also carry out a lot of time behind joint leisure and in general are in very close and close relationship.
At the same time the woman carries out a role of the center of such
If her husband is able to provide financially family, she prefers not to work, and to spend time in cares of a family, without forgetting about meetings with girlfriends and care of the appearance.
How Spaniards spend leisure-time?
How the Spaniard spends free time, depends on her marital status and the social status. Typical day of the average Spanish woman is under construction approximately thus.
In the morning she gets up and sees off the husband for work, and children – in school. At the same time the big and tasty breakfast of all
is obligatory, in Spain there is the real cult

Carrying out house, the woman slowly preens feathers, and then meets girlfriends to chat behind a coffee cup in cozy cafe.
By a lunch the woman comes back to prepare as nourishing as a breakfast, a lunch for the family

are really very much liked to be eaten well therefore the lunch break for them is sacred.
After a lunch the woman can meet girlfriends again or devote time to household chores.

And, such tenor of life of the Spaniard is kept for many years. And elderly Spanish pensioners, as well as many years ago, continue to meet since morning girlfriends in cafe, at the same time all of them also carefully watch the appearance.
The Spanish women are unique. They are unlike residents of other states. They are distinguished by capricious passionate temperament, and, of course, special beauty which so attracted at all times

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