Secretary costumes for women 1

Secretary costumes for women 2

Secretary costumes for women 3

Secretary costumes for women
How to put on to the secretary
Major companies of the requirement to appearance of the secretary are certified documentary and are applied to direct duties. But even at absence in the company of strict rules of a dresscode the secretary should adhere to an official style in clothes.
The official style in clothes has to be moderately womanly, but not sexual. Therefore it excludes baggy suits of dark tones. However you remember that you came to office to work, but not to defile by the head’s office in the shining blouses with a deep decollete. In clothes and manners be accurate as if you come every day to interview.
For work in solid firm buy at least pair of suits, for example, trouser and yubochny or dark and light. Give preference to clothes from natural fabrics. At a mild dresscode you are able to afford dresses in an official style, and also can wear a blouse with a skirt or trousers. At the same time try to follow that rule that the bottom has to be more dark than top. Long skirts in a floor or short models are higher than a knee leave on extra working hours. Do not abuse cuts

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