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Russian girl photos.

For the woman in life the little is necessary:
That in a handbag there were spirits and lipstick,
Bracelet and shadows that the look was striking,
On a finger in a ring diamond real.
It is a little dresses… Why to be set?
That in a year it is no more than three times to repeat.
That coffee in a bed with the croissant crackling
Love as at cinema, only that real.
To work that with an hour, it is so slept in the morning,
And in two on houses that on the course to stint.
Shopping at women is useful immensely
To system central, moments of nervous.
In the apartment prosperity, under color of eyes the car…
But main thing clever, worthy man!!!
Which will present lipstick and shadows,
Ring with diamond, having stood up on knees.
Will drive the car, will arrange the apartment,
In love will give odds even to Richard Gere.
And if such is not present on light yet,
That let though will present tulips a bouquet,
And all the rest male hands
Quietly women will complete

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