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Russian female models.
“Women should be helped!”, or why the Russian women do not ask for help
The urethral woman, possessing property of return by the nature, it is independent, capable and to stand for itself, and to help others. These features were projected and on bearers of the Russian mentality, sometimes causing certain contradictions. It is difficult to Russian woman to ask about something, she secretly hopes that the man will guess, but itself does not speak about the shortages. In the people it is considered that it is congenital independence of “the Russian women”.
The mass of jokes through an oral measure pronounces this question: the Russian woman does everything while the husband has a rest after work / sleeps / watches football / drinks beer / gains strength before “war” and other. And yes does not come to the wife to mind initially to divide household chores, having defined responsibility for the husband to cope with family life together. No, the Russian woman works, looks for children, conducts life and helps the husband on work alone. Such is “a heavy female share”.

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