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A cry for help 1

“Girls, I had an incident yesterday. I am a year married here. At first, all right, like, even now understand that “bells” are not silent, it was necessary to have a mind to pay attention to them at once, instead of excuses and believing herself to them as convincing.

Yesterday again another incident, but this time, all within budget, he had me pushing is usually at odds, threw or poured on the floor, I otpinyvalas, otbrykivatsya, pinching, and yesterday he told me twisted behind his hands under her elbows and pulled up as on the rack, I’m in pain could not utter a word as it turned out began to kick him in the shin (tibia) to let go of, and in response several times received strong blows to the liver. I did not know before, that there is such a pain. Began to reach for a mobile to call 911, screaming that call the police, and he tore my phone, still wringing his hands by the same method and called himself the neighbor and yelled to the answering machine, it was me he was beaten, and he asks for help. Then he called his mother (she was with him all his life lives) to run to a neighbor and asked for help and the neighbors called the police, such as he is beaten. His mother came so busily calmly clarified that can tell the police that I was drunk, but her husband said do not talk as if I osvidetelstvuyut, understood to be a lie. I do not drink alcohol at all, once tried long ago 16 years, nearly died, as I have unbearable body. And Mom and he knows it.

So while I was trying to escape, again I received a blow to the liver, but it was able to dodge it. I ran to the garage, got into the car and sped off in the near park. There, hidden in the bushes, I dialed 911. The problem – no language, and even terrified, I can not figure out how to say something that I needed a Russian translator, there are all switched on offices and finally connected with an interpreter

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