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Russian beautiful girls.
There is a stereotype that women of every nationality share certain characteristics: Jewish harmful, Ukrainian greedy, oriental submissive, etc. And what are the Russian girl?
Russian women are very sociable. They usually have a lot of friends, which is why they are so difficult to do without the phone. Sometimes, in Russia it is called “sitting on the wire” – spend hours chatting on the phone. Russian women are often seen with each other to discuss their problems in life, recent events tell secrets Council.
Russian women are very good wife and mother. Most of them know how to cook well. Usually in their homes reigns cleanliness. They want someone to take care of. Such women even believe that if they do not care about someone, then there is no sense to do something just for yourself.

Russian women have a strong character. Even I have a saying that they would stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house. This means that Russian women are very desperate. This shows that they will do everything in their power to people who are close to them. Russian women are morally strong, but despite this, they want to feel defenseless young girls who are strong men to protect.

Russians, even no matter how many receive, a large portion of their salary to spend to buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc. The fact that Russian women try to look stylish, attractive and impressive, it is very important for them. Maybe that is why they are popular with foreign men. Foreigners who come to Russia, said that local girls are dressed as if going to a disco. Russian women are careful, so look elegant.

And how many great women have been in Russian history! Take the example of even the wives of the Decembrists, who voluntarily went to their husbands into exile in Siberia. How many women in the Russian nobility, love, despair, the strength and the will

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