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Russia was the only country in the world, in which the proportion of women aspiring to become entrepreneurs, clearly superior to that of men. Every fifth Russian woman (22.58%) is ready to try yourself as the owner of your own business.
Men are less active: only 18.4% are ready to take their destiny into their own hands. And on the level of entrepreneurial activity among women, our country is second only to the Philippines, where entrepreneurship attracts almost half (41.02%) residents. These results were obtained during the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey of international non-governmental organization (GEM).
The main conclusion of GEM research: the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur in the developing countries are much higher than in developed countries. On average, almost one in four men (24.89%) and one in six women (16.54%) in developing countries see themselves as potential or existing entrepreneurs. In developed countries – only 14.93% of men and 7% of women. Data on Russia considerably exceed the average values: entrepreneurship congenial 44.55% men and 35.81% women.
These results did not see anything surprising Chepurenko Alexander, director of external relations of the Higher School of Economics (HSE), the compiler of the Russian part of the study. There are several reasons for such a high business activity of Russians said Chepurenko. GEM specialists, he recalls, there are two main motive to start your own business: someone starts out of necessity, not seeing other options professional fulfillment (forced entrepreneurs), and someone grasps attractive opportunity (motivated entrepreneurs).
In Russia, high percentage and internally, and motivated entrepreneurs, says Chepurenko. Russian women of all age groups have a high level of education and skills, as well as good social relationships. They could successfully make a career, but would like to try his hand at business path. In addition, Russia has a lot of women around the age of 40 years old or a little older with a good education, for example, higher technical, who see no prospects for themselves in the labor market. He has no choice but to try their luck in their own business. And finally, in our country, unlike many developed Western European countries, the state has failed to establish a reliable system of social protection of women. Europeans have much less incentive incentive to think about their own business: someone moves along quite well-defined career path, and those who have not built up a career, can count on the social protection of the state.
To better analyze the situation, GEM experts have divided the entire business into two categories: beginners (early stage: they create companies less than 42 months) and held (established: the company managed to stay on the market longer than 42 months). Their findings are sobering. Not all released at the start remain at a distance. Less than 4% of men and 2% of women in developing countries see themselves as entrepreneurs valid. Beginners much more: 14.58% and 10.65%, respectively. Only 13.36% of women and 26.15% of men in Russia call themselves owners of a stable business. In developed countries, the difference between beginners and valid entrepreneurs is not so high

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