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Pretty ukrainian
If a woman answers the question in silence, it does not mean that it agrees.

Your unexpected visits give us absolute pleasure. Even more enjoyable to learn about them in advance.

Through the eyes we love too.

In order not to complicate your life, keeping an eye on his beloved.

Congratulate us with all the holidays, and then we will believe that even during lunch you are thinking only about us.

In a dispute with a woman often wins not the one who is able to prove his innocence, but the one who just does a compliment.

Twenty times a day we call just to hear you again and again confessed to us in love.

Bring coffee in bed may be from time to time. Rinse for a toothpaste desirable regularly.

If a woman at the same time are not satisfied with the weather, the economy and your tie, it then wants you to embrace her. Least.

You must be able to do something brilliant: broil kebabs, repair the wiring or paint.

If a woman does not notice your lies, so she wants to be deceived.

If a woman is late a week ago yesterday and late today, then it will always be late. Either deal with it or get more punctual friend.

Woman forgives as long as he loves. Do not overdo it.

The sooner you accept the fact that a large part of a woman’s life is controlled hormones, the faster your relationship descend grace.

If a woman says that telling the truth, keep in mind: this is true only in this particular moment and in a given situation.

When a woman has come to an end arguments, she will say that a woman can not be so

A woman often goes not to someone, but from someone else

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