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Pretty ukrainian women
Every woman knows that we love the ears, but pretends that it is just the bait will not catch … catch – no matter what the goldfish she was.

We love gifts.

There are no women who do not like jewelry. There are women who are not used to wearing them.

Evidence of love easily turns into the cause of her death.

If you are warned about the visit of the favorite, and she met you in curlers on the head, then your ranking goes down rapidly.

If a woman thinks back she looks bad, you never see the back of her head. Even after living with her for many years in the same apartment.

The reality is that the number of women equal to the number of silly silly man.

Men do not even know how women around them cynical.

If you do not pay attention to the woman, she certainly will think about your sexual orientation.

Women have a sense of humor. And how!

No matter how many we have orders, we always have nothing to wear

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