pretty ukrainian girl 1

pretty ukrainian girl 2

Pretty ukrainian girl
No matter how many we have orders, we always have nothing to wear.

The woman wider angle of view: She sees right keys in the cluttered room, while men perceive the image piece by piece.

The Bible says: “Every trick is negligible compared to the cunning woman.” Fear us!

If your friend says that she had a headache, it does not mean that she does not want to engage in sex with you. It’s just that women, too, sometimes have a headache.

Man forgives and forgets, forgives woman – and only.

Women’s guess is more accurate than men’s confidence.

If a woman says: “You just do not worry,” the worry is really too late

The man never learns that the woman on the soul, mind, and credit cards.

As bad as a man may think of women, any woman thinking about them even worse.

Any woman looking for a man in the leader. Find, alas, few. Stupid woman will continue to search for, as a smart – give his handpicked opportunity to feel first, while knowing full well that the first – she was.

If a woman answers the question in silence, it does not mean that it agrees

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