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Pretty girls in underwear – best beautiful photos.

I love you more than life, I want to be alone with you, I live in you, I will be happy only with you, you are the most beautiful, beautiful, charming girl in the world. I just adore you! You are my ray of the sun, I realized that I can not live without you … I love you!

My sweet baby. I love and adore. I think that even the most beautiful recognition still does not reflect your angelic beauty and tenderness, love and affection. I love you!

Ever since I first saw you, I lost sleep over. I always think of you and I want to be one nearby. I miss you when you’re far away and happy when she returned. I like the look in your eyes, they are great because they reflect a world that is so dear to me, and without which I can not be to me already. I love you!

The world was full of colors, life made sense, it was above the sky and bright sun … The soul wants to sing, but my heart is torn apart! I like! How beautiful it is! I like! This is the most unusual feeling I’ve ever experienced! I Love! I am the happiest man on earth! I love you and hope for reciprocity!

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