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Pictures of cute girls.
As the air became fresh invisibly,
How loudly stars give light!
And why there hope
Its like we are looking for an answer?
Your event we are waiting
As the raging splash of dawn.
And we’re going after him,
And meet – only Call.


My dream, my clear beam.
In you my world.
Without the storms and clouds.
My beautiful goddess.
You are a ray in a bright blue sky.
You praise you the love.
It boils in the veins of my blood.
Take my hand and love.
My love, my friend.


Pretty babe, how can
To say bad word about you ?!
Beautiful you around, and I can not in words
I describe how timid and affectionate in the shower,
How to endure the pain and heaviness,
How responsive do you think of all –
Around you everything blooms …
It is not words, but the joy of
What are you with us, with me …

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