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Pictures of brunettes girls! These women are different from blondes hot and passionate temperament, but tastes differ!
Oh, it is very strong, authoritative and serious character! You are cunning, clever and patient. Excellently you understand policy and diplomacy. (Even difficult) you carry out all projects slowly but surely. Difficulties only double your energy.
If you are white – that the zealous and economical hostess. If swarty, you are capable to dip the sensual heat.
But if you fall in love, then can give life for the elect. You are capable to make light of some of its acts. However if for you they become serious threat, in a jealousy rush you will sweep away everything. Even head. Both it, and the.
You put on strictly, elaborately. You prefer black and red colors. You love soft evening lighting. You do not suffer the big companies. It is inclined to loneliness and hard work.
Often your marriage happens late. Because mind, will and lack of a coquetry often guard men. Even frighten.
And it is vain! If the partner the brown-haired person, and especially the blonde with soft and even timid character, then he has to marry the brunette. It is waited by bright future

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