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This subject of clothes appeared the first at Arabs. During their art of knitting of stockings also Europe got acquainted. Till that time Europeans wound from skin or fabric.
In jobless the Englishman by the name of Ly whose wife earned a living by knitting of stockings created the first knitting machine for this purpose. The stockings made on the machine begin to compete with stockings fashionable in those days from silk and a velvet. At Louis XIV light blue and red stockings received popularity. At the marchioness’s followers de Pompadour stockings lacy which cost approached a revenue of the average noblemPictures blonde in stockings. These pictures, of course will lighten your an were fashionable. In the 16th century in Spain won the thin expensive stockings connected manually in fashion again. So, the English king Henry VIII received from Spain one pair of such stockings as expensive gift once

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