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Pics sweet girls.
I such as is, I will not be another.
I such as is, I will remain such.
I am naive I happen, I happen – is harmful.
But, such as is, I on light one!
I such as is, I know how to love.
Who will see me, he can not forget.
I am able to caress, but I can and beat.
I know how to save and be able to destroy.
I such as is, I like the passion.
Building a life, I have time to break myself.
I’m not a lot of sad, and a little laugh
I’m fearless, but I’m afraid of.
I such as is, I like to help.
But it happens that I can not help but cry.
I am free, I am one.
Ardent I can, and then-cold.
I such as is, I will not be different.
I am a little cry at you behind your back,
I wipe the tears and cute smile in response.
And so, as I have, once again I turn to you

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