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Pics of cute girls.
Today you tender like orchid,
And tomorrow like lily of the valley in silence,
And you brighter and sweeter with each passing day,
Every minute more than I like you.
In you I will not say what love,
You’re perfect for me top.
Darling, you make me intoxicated,
You are my reason for happiness.


Let me compliment you weigh:
You are so beautiful, charming, desirable …
But at the same time that infuriates me seriously,
So this is what you are stubborn and fickle!
Recent bottom line – this is a joke!
Even though in every joke there is a hint,
From love to you for a long time, I had lost the understanding,
I hope that in your heart to me, smoldering flame.


Darling, you’re the sunshine of spring,
Dawn morning and the beauty of the night.
The days of faceless without you sad,
With you the world of flowering and durable.
Your smile will melt the snow in the winter,
Your clear eyes gives me wings.
Your love will protect me from harm,
With spring in the winter you will come to me

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