Photos pretty girls blondes 1

Photos pretty girls blondes 2

Photos pretty girls blondes 3

Photos pretty girls blondes 4

All men like very beautiful women! But about such as photos of pretty girls blondes, many can only dream of!
Photos pretty girls blondes.
Verse of blondes about us
It is rumored that blondes
Growing dull, than boots,
Why so speak?
It is just envy, poison!
We are beautiful and clever,
As birches we are harmonous,
We are in the fashion safely,
Bags, as at the queen
We carry on one shoulder,
From Armani and Dolche.
Shopping, fitness, clubs, bars,
We among only “very best”
Juice from a low glass,
Canape with a piece of a squid.
Giving in the Czech Republic, Lithuania,
The uncle on BMW,
With very large account in bank
And the wife behind turn,
The toy terrier in the basket …
Envy the blonde!

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