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Stating improbable popularity of the Russian women in the world where loads and loads other beauties, foreigners do not cease to guess in what their special secret. The journalist tried to aggregate merits and demerits of Russians for the sake of what came personally to observe beauties to Moscow.

“In Moscow each Irina, Nastya, Tanya and Ekaterina – the stunning beauty… Where look – faultless skin, high cheekbones, an ideal nose, chubby lips. Besides they are able to go on frost on hairpins, and the Arctic temperatures not a hindrance of their passion to defile in tiny tight skirts”, – the journalist in the blog on the website of the magazine to which refers shares impressions.

It is no wonder that model agencies are jammed by the Russian girls, she continues and gives opinion of Ewan Bart, the senior vice-president of IMG Models agency. “Around the world there are beautiful women. But Russians are very much appreciated diligence”, – he explained.

And still, over all other, in the Russian women there is something special that is not present in one beauty from Manhattan, from Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo or Reykjavík. Foreign men perfectly feel it though they recognize that it is almost impossible to explain in words it.

The Russian beauties at the request of the journalist the 32-year-old banker from New York Tyler Wilson tried to analyse the obsession. It met at least about the 20th, and longest relations were measured only five months. Nevertheless every time it continues to come into Internet base of “the Russian brides” in search of the new girlfriend again.

He explained that he appreciates Russians “cold and mysterious” beauty “, indescribable chic”. “All in them – from accent to fur fur coats – does them special in comparison with all other women”, – the banker says.

Wilson recognizes at the same time that he already learned to see also shortcomings, with which, however, there is no nothing else left how to reconcile. For example, the Russian girls never pay for themselves. Once, according to him, he was ashamed to ask 10 dollars which lacked it to pay the restaurant bill for the companion, and as a result laid out a credit card. But the girl was not escaped by its confusion, and she did not fail to accuse it of it the next day in the e-mail. “We never pay even for a cup of coffee”, – she angrily wrote.

Besides, the Russian ladies do not transfer in boyfriends of “expressivity” because of what often it is necessary to play a role of “the passionless walking ATM”, the New York banker complains and gives advice: “Never show with them any emotions, positive or negative”.

Similar “emotional coldness” is confirmed by the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk who is recently recognized as the sexiest woman of the planet according to DT and Complex magazines and decorated with herself a cover of annual issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. She admitted that she when she heard about it, shed a few tears a little – perhaps, for the first time in life, the journalist of Forbes tells.

“Russians are very hardy, – Sheyk declared to the New York Daily News edition. – To cry for us it is unusual”. “I believe that when you got used to rush through snowstorm in a miniskirt and on 12-centimeter hairpins, to sob really out of place”, – the author of article concludes.

As for the native of Chelyabinsk 25-year-old Irina Shayk (Shaykhlislamova), she moved to New York only three years ago and so far speaks with noticeable Russian accent. But it has grandiose plans – among other things she dreams to play in one of movies about James Bond “the Russian spy”, reports.

The Russian model was chosen for a cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit among a great number of models and sportswomen. At the same time for almost semicentennial history of this year-book the Russian only the second time got on a cover – in 2006 it was decorated by the photo of the tennis-player Maria Sharapova. But, unlike Sheyk, Sharapova did not reign on a cover – its photo was small, the main place was taken by a collective picture of eight half-naked beauties.

Irina Shayk is the girlfriend of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese playing for the Madrid “Real”. In December of last year she acted in Timna for a new collection of the famous Israeli couturier Dani Mizrakhi. Then with the groom went to Dubai, and from there – to Maldives, where as the local press wrote, paparazzi hunted for it

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