Photo beautiful women in nurse outfits 1

Photo beautiful women in nurse outfits 2

Photo beautiful women in nurse outfits 3

Photo beautiful women in nurse.
Six morning, in an easy cloudlet dawn with pleasure sleeps,
Lamps hi send the last,
Suddenly in hospital chamber the light is turned on –
The medical sister begins usual day.
Someone silently took a thermometer, someone grumbles,
That do not allow to have a sleep, disturb trifles,
The medical sister with a smile looks at all of us,
It cannot recede from orders,
Asked someone “as the night passed”,
Joked with one, scolded another,
That not really are on the mend of business,
And she loves it as son native.
That dawn sluggard in a window to us looked,
Being surprised from where in chamber shine,
He the sun did not manage to wake so far,
That it exerted impact on patients.

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