Japanese women 1

Japanese women 2

Japanese women 3

Japanese women.
The Japanese girls are very popular around the world. It is connected with development of the Japanese mass culture which extends out of borders of Japan in the form of an anime, of doramas (the Japanese series), the Japanese music (j-pop and j-rock so are called), and also in the form of photoshoots of the Japanese models.
The model in Japan is most often the model, but not podiumny model as in the West. Popular girls models in Japan are called gravure idol and their photoshoots, including quite frank, periodically are published in men’s magazines, in photobooks, on disks and on the Internet. Gravure idol – only one of forms of a cult of “idols” in Japan. An idol – this young beautiful girl who can be at the same time a singer, the actress and model. In process of popularity growth the famous Japanese can pass from one category into another: for example, the model can begin to sing and act in movies and doramas, and the popular actress at peak of glory writes down one-two musical albums and begins to act for photobooks and magazines

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