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Italian models.
Eve Rikkoborno / EVA Riccobono (rod.7 February, 1983 in Palermo, Italy) – the Italian model. Her mother is from Germany, the father – the Italian. In 14 years it was seen by the podiumny world thanks to the photographer of Luca LoBosco. When it was 17, the Italian magazine Corriere della Sera called Eve by “new Laetitia Kasta”. Since then it becomes one of demanded models and often works in Milan, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Rome, Hamburg, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Her face appears on covers of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Officiel, GQ, Anna, Gioia, Amica, Bmm, D, Cult, Notebook, NEO2. She also posed for Pirelli Calendar in 2003. The spring-summer 2012 was removed in a photoshoot for an advertizing campaign of Valentino of a season. Acted in the movie “Big, Bad and Verdone”, “And They Call This Summer”.
Alice Tatichchi / Alice Taticchi (sort. On June 25, 1990 in Perugia, Umbria, Italy) – the Italian model, the participant of a beauty contest and the winner of the fourth cycle Next Top Model of Italy. Represented Italy at the competition “Miss World of 2009”. After a victory at the competition Next Top Model in which at first Alice was not even among 12 semifinalists judges subdued by her charm after all accepted it in the final at number 13. It became the happy ticket to a victory. After a prize, she signed the contract with Milan agency and took part in various displays. In 2012 acted for the Italian calendar of Mercedes-Benz and the Vetrine magazine magazine
Maria Perussi / Maria Perrusi (a sort on September 15, 1991 in Kosenz, Italy) – the Italian model, the winner 70 – go a national beauty contest “Ms. Italy 2009”. Participated in a photoshoot for a calendar of Calendario 2010 di Miss Italia “Il mondo delle donne” (The world of the woman). B2009 of debuted in parade from Gattinoni fashion house. On display of a collection the spring-summer 2010, closed show in a wedding dress
Madalina Diana Ghenea / Madalina Diana Ghenea (sort. On August 8, 1988, the Slatina, Romania) – the Italian model of the Romanian origin. Model became in 14 years. Even before leaving school became known, thanks to the figure and a look. After the 16-year-old girl acted in a photoshoot in underwear, it was expelled from school at all. Teachers considered that such pictures are unacceptable for 10 graders. She changed school, but did not cease to act. In several years the girl moved to Italy where her career began to gain steam quickly. In recent years she advertizes linen of Lascana firm, acts for catalogs and in advertizing campaigns. Behind Madalina’s shoulders work with such brands as Borghetti Liquor, Gioelliamo, Grimaldimare, Lepel, Lise Charmel, Piera Lingerie, and Solera Intimo. At present it is one of the leading models of underwear. In 2007 acted in the video clip of the Eros of Ramazzotti “Il tempo tra di noi”. In 2011. played Irina’s role in the Italian movie “I soliti idioti”. In 2011 participated in the Italian TV show “Dances with stars” together with Simone di Pasquale.
Margaret Mada / Margareth Made (rod.22 June, 1982, Paterno, Italy) – the Italian model and the actress. Her father the Italian, mother – the Egyptian. She began the model career in age of 15 years and in 2000 won the competition New Model Today organizers of which the model agency from Milan was. Later she primat participation in the most various fashionable displays itelevizionnny programs, participates in various advertizing companies of fashion brands. Played Sophia Loren’s role in mini-series “La mia casa e piena di specchi” (My house is full of mirrors). Also acted in the epic movie “Baaria” in which it is told about life of three generations of one Sicilian family
Emily Dee of Donato / Emily DiDonato (rod.21 February, 1991, New York) is the American model. Was born in a family of natives of Italy and Ireland. In model business it appeared at the age of 17 years, having signed in 2008 the contract with Request Model Management agency for shootings for the Guess collection of spring of 2009. Since May, 2009 is Maybelline face of the brand. For the first time acted on television in advertizing of cosmetics Color Sensational Lip Color. Since August, 2009 acts for the Victoria’s Secret collection. The German Vogue edition declared the girl the favourite beginner. Winter issue of the The Block magazine became its first emergence on a cover of the glossy magazine

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