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Italian girls photos.
In respect of care of skin everything is very curious too. The matter is that Italians in the general weight begin to use the looking after cosmetics only after 30 years. A week they have a habit from 17 years to apply cream in the morning and in the evening and to use a mask at least no once (about serum and means for care of skin around eyes I will just hold back).

On not clearly from where it is considered to the undertaken general understanding that cream needs to begin to use when the first wrinkles developed. Heard that cream can delay emergence of wrinkles, but almost nobody trusts it.
Perhaps, in it the reason that in the large cities, type of Milan or Rome, many girls at once, passing a stage of creams and masks, pass to Botox is hidden. The result is swept up already in couple of days!
So in cosmetic shops the youth lives in the basic in department of a dekorativka: lipstick, liners and ink here in honor, and are interested in the means which here are looking after, as a rule, elderly señores.
In Italy it is considered that to wash the head every day – very badly for hair (By the way, the acquaintance who lived half a year in Barcelona – Beauty Insider comment told about the same belief at Spaniards). To argue with this belief it is as useless how to prove harm of suppers. However, to be fair it is worth noticing that air is much purer our here Moscow therefore also the head is soiled much more slowly.
Second amusing moment. Many think that combing harms curly hair so if you have capelli ricci – do not comb them, just wash the head of times in three days.
Concerning coloring of hair. Italians in questions of systems painting are not pretentious, it also is clear, they have hair about a finger thickness so ammonia to them is not terrible. Nevertheless, even the most small Italian town it is possible to find the salon working with bezammiachny systems of coloring in any, for example, in Monselich (the population of the city of only 17 thousand people) the salon working on the organica system was found. The result of coloring was not worse, than in the Moscow salon, and cost – many times below, only 43 euros for coloring, a hairstyle and laying

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