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Indian women.
India – the amazing country in which along with the present it is still possible to meet performance of traditions and customs of ancestors. It is fully impossible to understand the Indian culture, without having understood that is represented by the Indian woman. In it some riddle which to solve, probably, not in power to Europeans is always covered. Life of the Indian women is specific, and to us not to understand many features. However, it is worth plunging into this culture at least a little.
Appearance and clothes of the Indian woman
Who at least once saw the Indian in a sari, for certain delightfully looked her in a trace, without looking away. Really, this traditional dress of the Indian woman just bewitches the beauty. The sari is considered one of the most ancient types of women’s clothing. Saris carried in Ancient India. They say that at this article of clothing the same age as well as at the country. Since then, the sari did not undergo almost any changes. It still represents a fabric about five meters long sawn-off shotgun. Girls already approximately since twelve years saris learn to put on. It is actually beautiful to fix on itself such big piece of fabric – the whole art.
The woman in India has to look always beautifully and to be well-groomed. For this reason on women of this country there are always a lot of jewelry. Various natural and artificial materials are for this purpose used. Special importance is represented by gold jewelry. Than it is more on the girl of gold, she is richer with that.
Even if the girl was born in very poor family, parents save money and try to buy the daughter gold earrings as soon as possible. Besides, by tradition how many years to the girl was, with a naked neck in public she just has no right to seem. Therefore as soon as possible the father has to present it a gold chain. Hair of the Indian are decorated fresh with flowers.

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