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correctly girls speak: Ukrainians are the southern Slavs (Bulgarians, Serbians, Macedonians, Croatians, Bosnians and t.p). Remember that in “The story of temporary years” it was said that our ancestors came from Bulgaria during Great resettlement of the people?
Therefore Ukrainians chestnut-colored, brown-eyed.
Formation of the Russian nation took place on the basis of the northern, Finno-Ugrian people. These are light brown, blue-eyed or gray-eyed people.
Still forgot to tell that Russians have a nose always snub-nosed (as at Finns). Ukrainians have a nose of the correct form.
Well it is natural that the shape of Russians and Ukrainians constantly changed under the influence of historical events. For example – the Tatar-Mongolian yoke or compulsory movement of a huge number of people.
I have ancestors Cossack Ukrainians, but are natives of Siberia, from Altai. The empress Ekaterina the Second banished almost all remains of Zaporizhia Sechi to Siberia in due time.
In total there were three historical waves of emigration of Ukrainians to Siberia. Several million people moved in total. Yes you on surnames look!
I can tell that when worked as the guide at resorts, I distinguished Ukrainians very easily. They, as a rule, are more brightly made up (a face, hair, manicure, a pedicure). They put on, in my opinion, too brightly. Love jewelry, sandals high-heeled. Well and on a manner to talk. Even if they speak Russian, it is all the same clear that it is Ukrainians. At once the saying is remembered: one woman – a market, two – already a fair.
Speak much, loudly, quickly, at the same time strongly gesticulate.
Here such generalized character of the Ukrainian at me developed

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