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What in Hungary is lost by the woman right after a wedding? Something about the Hungarian names
The same, as in any other European country, – the surname. So it was moved that the woman, as a rule, changes the maiden name for a surname of the husband. Thereby letting know that though she also grew up in the monastery which could live absolutely under other charter, but those rules that are got in a husband’s sort, are accepted by her in full and without any reservations.
But it is the general European rule. And in Hungary to it there is essential and very interesting addition. Having married, the Hungarian woman losing a maiden name, gets in exchange all husband’s. Both name, and surname. And that any person understood that before him after all not the husband, and absolutely other person, is added to a name the special termination – “né” which is in Russian read how “ны”.
That is, if Svetlana Petrova marries for Konstantina Kucera, then she after a marriage becomes Konstantinna’s Driver. And any Hungarian, having heard this name, understands that Konstantina Kucera is about the spouse.
This termination added to a name of the spouse of the married woman was included in Hungary into a language turn since the 16th century. And before it was just told – “woman Konstantina Kucera”. The woman in Hungarian – “n ő” (nyu). From this word the subsequent termination was also formed. Why to tell superfluous? Especially, if it is possible instead of “woman Konstantina Kucera”, to tell Konstantinna’s Driver. Normal heroes always make a detour. On a line of least resistance. And language of heroes – not an exception. He loves the simple forms clear to everything, on him talking too.
However, with “clear” it turned out not always. In Hungarian there is no childbirth. All nouns in it initially in a neutral, neutral gender. Therefore the termination “ny” began to be used in word formation, for patrimonial identification of the specialist in a concrete profession. For example, birona (bíróné) – the female judge. But! Let’s remember who in due time, invented Brothers László and György Biro whose surname in Hungary is rather widespread. And if “Birona” it is written from a capital letter and costs at the beginning of the offer, then it is difficult to understand at once – about whom, generally, the speech?! Whether about the female judge, whether about this Biro’s wife.
Well and, besides, the full translation of the woman addressed to and a surname of the husband complicated, and sometimes made impossible its personal identification.
Therefore already since 1895, in Austro-Hungary, the laws allowing to make to an order changes of a surname some system leaving the right of the final choice for the marrying woman began to be developed. And today with this question in the country – full democracy. The married Hungarian woman can keep a maiden name. And to remain Svetlana Petrova. It can accept a surname of the husband. And to become Svetlana Driver. It is not forbidden to add a surname of the husband to a maiden name. And to turn into Svetlana Petrova Driver. At the same time it is possible to add a husband’s surname also other option. At which the known termination – Svetlana of Petrov-Kucherna is added to it.
But, as show researches of the famous Hungarian expert in this area of the doctor of science Erzhibeta Ferchik, more than 70 percent of the Hungarian women prefer to become after a wedding Konstantinna’s Driver also today.
There’s nothing to be done? Traditions … Which in Hungary work not only for female names. On man’s there are traditions too. Not less interesting.
Well, for example … So in Hungary it was moved that the eldest son inherits not only a surname, but also a name of the father. Therefore quite often it turns out that in one family there can be several Drivers with the same name at once. Konstantin Kucher-ded, Konstantin Kucher-syn, Konstantin Kucher-vnuk.
There are no middle names if suddenly who is not aware, in Hungary. It turns out that in one family three, absolutely identical Kucera. And all of them have wives – Konstantinna’s Driver. Too – all three.
All right when such confusion in one family which is often living under the same roof. The mother-in-law received the account on repair of the refrigerator and carried to destination. One of daughters-in-law.
And if all men yes in one, for example, family, the companies work?! How same accounts department to get out? Ways can be different. For example, to add in the accounting program to a name and a surname of the worker the definition indicating its age. Konstantin Kucher-molodoy. Konstantin Kucher-stary.
However, at such option situations are not excluded different, sometimes quite ridiculous. The matter is that the age definition given to this or that person at his reception for work remains behind it in this company up to the dismissal. So sometimes you should not be surprised to the fact that on deserved rest solemnly see off the reached retirement age of Konstantin Kucera-young.
And that the most interesting, Hungarians, as a rule, in these features of formation of personal names do not see any difficulties. And if suddenly what stranger asks, in perplexity making a helpless gesture:
– And how?

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