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Greek models.
As once A.P Chekhov was expressed in one of the plays that “In Greece all are”, there is a wish to add to it: “And beautiful girls not an exception”. Decided to walk over the solar southern European country and to make Top-30 of the most beautiful Greek women. The famous actresses, singers, models and winners of beauty contests who are living both in the territory of Greece, and beyond its limits and the having Greek roots entered it.
30. Susan Sideropulos / Susan Sideropoulos (sort. On October 14, 1980 in Hamburg) – the German actress and the singer, has the Greek roots in the area of the father
Aliki Stamatina Vuguklaka / Aaliki Stamatina Vougiouklaki (rod.20 July, 1933 – died on July 23, 1996) – the famous actress of theater and cinema. National star of Greece. Proved as the talented actress in student’s years. Had a beautiful singing voice and was a performer of songs in many movies. Movies with its participation: “Vacation on Aegina”, “Cheerful tramps”, “Love on barkhans”, “Ah, my wife!”, “The brightest star”, “Girl from an amusement park” and dr
Tulis Kontostavlos / Tulisa Contostavlos (sort. On July 13, 1988 Camden the Town, London, Great Britain) – the British actress and the singer of the Greek origin in the area of the father (Cypriote Greek). Became popular in Britain as the participant of N-Dubz group (it already broke up), but most of Internet users know it on a scandalous roller of intimate contents which “walks” on Network open spaces. In 2012 won first place on poll in the American men’s magazine FHM of “The sexiest women”. On the 5th place there was also a Greek woman – Georgia Salpa. Acted in movies: “The big fat bandit Gipsy”, “Children suicides
Elena Papariz / Helena Paparizou (sort. On January 31, 1982, Buros, flax of Elvsborg, Sweden) – the singer. In 2001 as a part of Antique group represented on a song contest the Eurovision-2001 Greece, having taken the 3rd place. In 2005 in Kiev acted solno and, having improved the result, took 1 place.
Angelika of “Angel” of Gerekou / Angeliki “Angela” Gerekou (rod.15 April, 1959) – the architect, the actress and the politician. Studied architecture in Rome, practiced in London. Is married to the singer of Tolis Voskopoulos. Couple has a daughter who was born in 2001. It was chosen in Parliament of Greece in 2004 and was it is re-elected in 2007 and 2009. It some time worked as the deputy minister on tourism, but was forced to retire from-zadolgov the husband. In 1996 she acted for a photoshoot of the Playboy magazine
Vasiliki of Ttsirogianni / Vasiliki Tsirogianni (rod.27noyabrya 1988 g Thessaloniki) is the winner of a national beauty contest “Ms. Zvezda Ellady-2012″ having the Greek-Turkish roots. Miss Universe-2012 will represent the country at a competition”
Kalliop of Zina / Kalliopi Zina it is better known for a subscenic pseudonym of Peggy Zina / Peggy Zina (a sort. On March 8, 1975) – the Greek singer. Since 1995 began the singing career and let out the first album. Already there were its more than 12 musical albums. For 2010 she took the 24th place among female performers (since 1960) for all era of the national musical industry of Greece. Let out 9 platinum and 2 gold disks

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