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Girls in bed
Woman Wisdom …

BEAUTIFUL POEMS ABOUT ZhENSchINEZhenschina – the beginning of all beginnings,
The wisdom of years managed to assimilate.
As much as half or rebelled,
The woman will be able to calm the …

Woman their patience
 CREATION replace destruction,
Excessive use is not worth it,
It is possible to cause uproar!

Different, but always right
 Women save their advice.
Being stronger, never
 Not obidte woman with …

Wear women’s hands …

Wear women’s hands,
Not succumbing to laziness, dull,
Surprises do to “Ah!”
Do not fear fat views.

Cherish women in the depths
 And reward of admiration,
Pamper just for no reason,
They are drunk with delight!

And do not try to end
 To understand all the things that she is forgotten …
The smile of a woman’s face
 Look closely … The essence of it is hidden

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