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German women.
Appearance. There is a myth that Germans are ugly. Actually it not so. By nature many of them are gifted not bad. It is a lot of pretty girls with delicate features. But it is not evident because Germans do not seek to stick out the feminity and appeal. They are not painted, do not do a hair, very just put on: jacket, jeans, sneakers. But, the main thing, on their faces is absent expression: “I wait for a meeting with the man”, inherent in our women. Germans have good figures, they sports, tightened. Meet, of course, and dense, well-fad ladies, but here friable, crept away I never saw.
In usual life of the woman do not seek to look sexy (to enough be pure and accurate), but when they go to theater, restaurant, observe a dresscode and put on carefully, as in the evening. So at them it is accepted. And in the afternoon on weekdays they present themselves modestly and simply, without being allocated. They considerably differ in it from our women in whom the desire “to be pleasant” is constantly inherent. The Russian ladies are always dressed, brushed and made up as if are ready to go for appointment at any time. It is explained also by the fact that we have not enough men therefore it is always necessary to be ready to a meeting with destiny and to look on all hundred.
Situation in society. I will repeat: in Germany it is less women, than men, they are also appreciated worth its weight in gold. Therefore it is aware of the German that on each of them there will be a person interested, and not one.
The woman sets the tone in the relations there and dictates the terms which suit her. It can do it firmly or softly, but she anyway dictates. At the same time her appearance does not play a role and is not the reason of any complexes. Each woman is sure that she will be demanded, it does not even raise doubts. Besides there is no such tough age qualification as at us, and women till an old age are in demand.
The former Petersburger Irina tells: “Recently I came to stay for a while to Russia from Germany, and one young man, having learned that to me forty, told that I look good. Also added simply: a pier, “for Russia you are already old cotton wool, and on the West still oho-go”. It’s true. In Germany women of my age are considered as young people. I have enough attention much, men look at me with adoration. And in Russia forty-year-old has no chances any more. My friends complain that men for forty look for twenty-year-old girls. In general in Germany appearance and age, as in Russia are not so important for the woman. Here take in marriage any, even such which in the homeland would not have chances”.
Germans are very independent, independent, do not count on the man, try to make the way in life. Someone will call it feminism? I do not know. In my opinion, such phenomenon as female self-sufficiency, gains strength in all civilized countries now. We too have every year more and more independent women who alone, without support on a strong shoulder, cope with vital difficulties. But at us it occurs forcedly, and in Germany – as a result of the choice of women.
Appearance. Germans are externally interesting, high, tightened, with sports figures. Meet dense, well-fad, and here thick, the big sticking-out stomachs – it is extremely rare. They watch themselves, are accurately dressed, well cut. A slovenly, look dressed in rags for them a nonsense.
Mentality. Germans are committed to an order (it is visible with the naked eye), very disciplined, reliable, punctual, predictable. However, as it becomes clear, it is pleasant not to all. 25-year-old Marina considers: “In my opinion, Germans some dullish. I do not perceive their humour. They are too responsible, all plan, think over, all at them by rules. Very much they are predictable. Perhaps it is pleasant to someone, and I lack our freedom. However, I in Germany only a year therefore I still have not enough experience of communication with local men. I have relations with the Russian guy who lives too there. To me with it it is good”.
Courting. In courting Germans behave not as ours. Many of them do not help the woman on with the coat, do not open before her a car door, do not present flowers without cause. So at them it is accepted. When courting they seek to divide expenses for two, especially when the relations were already stabilized. Consider that “the relations are necessary to both, you and me therefore we pay equally”. Believe that the woman has to put something in the relations too. Local men respect female independence therefore they encourage such independent style of behavior. In any case, they got used to it, it seems to them natural.
On the other hand, they like beautiful, well-groomed Russian girls and ladies. However, they do not realize that beauty and an ukhozhennost do not appear just like that, and cost money: cosmetics, clothes, at last, time spent on personal care. Men want to receive result without own efforts, at least material. And when the woman opens for them on it eyes, are surprised. There is such male naivety …
The relations in a family. In a family of the German feel confident. Often do not prepare. If in the German family both spouses work, then all household chores are halved. It is so habitual and natural that is not even discussed. In it Germans considerably differ from our women who charge with everything themselves and besides work are ready to carry on themselves all house if only the husband was near.
The German men in the family relations are rather patient. The arising misunderstanding write off for female moods, are able to laugh the matter off, seek to adjust the world. Appreciate women, do not throw away them.
Germans seldom get divorced. Do it only as a last resort when life in a family becomes absolutely intolerable. The reason is that the alimony and financial payments in case of divorce are huge. They lay down on male shoulders heavy freight and practically do not give chances to make other family. Situation is supported with the fact that the judicial system works accurately there, it is impossible to leave from the alimony and payments, punishment will follow inevitably. Therefore divorce is considered the most extreme exit. But what to do if family life disappointed finally and long ago does not satisfy? To bring the girlfriend on the party … And do.
At us as you know, situation another. My acquaintance Svetlana who lives already ten years in Germany somehow shared: “My Russian friend got divorced from husband, on hands she had small child. After divorce being it declared: “You think that you will be able to arrange the life? Look around, you such lonely with children of the half-city. And all are ready, it is worth beckoning!.” In Germany absolutely other human relations. Local men very much are pleasant to me. There is no such bad attitude towards the woman what I saw in Russia here. Women here on a pedestal, they are appreciated. Perhaps because, that Germans have many real rights and they are observed. Or just people are brought so up here, I do not know”.
In general it is possible to tell that the relation to a family at the German men very responsible. About the reasons it is told above. Germans marry late enough. They long live a civil marriage, look narrowly to each other. And only when the man wants to bring children and is convinced that the girlfriend will be a reliable companion of life, makes out the official relations.
Here one more opinion – 34-year-old Rita who is married to the German and is happy with the marriage: “We have a normal family, there is a child. When I lived in Russia, often heard that Germans hard-fisted. It’s not true. Just they know the account to money, at them is so got. I got used to it too and I keep account of expenses. The husband provides a family to all necessary, we go to have a rest every year by the sea, we have a good apartment, two cars. The relation of the German men to a family is pleasant to me much more, they have much more responsibility. Children for them is a value, but not a burden. They love them and never leave without care”.

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